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Honey, honey


Honey, Honey

Honey honey, how he thrills me, a-ha, honey honey
Honey honey, nearly kill me, a-ha, honey honey
I've heard about him before
I wanted to know some more
And now I know what they mean, he's a love machine
Oh, he makes me dizzy

Honey honey, let me feel it, a-ha, honey honey
Honey honey, don't conceal it, a-ha, honey honey
The way that you kiss good night

Way that you kiss me goodnight

The way that you hold me tight

Way that you're holding me tight

I feel like I wanna sing

When you do your thing

I want my Dad to give me away at
my wedding, but according to
Mum's diary I've got three possible
Dads: Sam, Bill or Harry.


Do they know?

What do you write to a total
"Come to my wedding - you might
be my Dad"?
No, they think mum sent the
invitations - and after reading this
diary I'm not surprised they all said

Honey honey, how you thrill me, a-ha, honey honey
Honey honey, nearly kill me, a-ha, honey honey

I'd heard about you before
I wanted to know some more
And now I'm about to see
What you mean to me



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